Leading the Way - Candidate For California Assembly D21


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Local – Land use rules

Global  - Climate action

Glocal –  💚

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Local community land use rules that prioritize green spaces, blue skies and environmental balance –  SB 9 & SB 10 do not require affordable housing.  They are gifts to developers!

📣Drought and wildfires have gotten worse.  Water availability and air quality are foundational to life on earth.  Yet, proposals like the Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022 effectively socialize the costs and privatize the benefits, a big gift to Big Ag!  Big Ag consumes almost 80% of developed water in California, yet it sends its products to high-end markets across the world – meaning that others are benefiting from the water that taxpayers subsidize.  If Big Ag wants to use the state water supply, it should pay for it.  

💚Housing + Local Land Use + Sustainable Growth = Thriving in California